CBD Bath Bombs Products Review

CBD Bath Bombs 70mg Full Spectrum (multiple scent)



Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange

Each bomb is infused with 70mg of organically grown CBD rich whole plant extract, and essential oil of lavender.
Each bomb is approximately 2 inches round.
Place in your bathtub and enjoy the benefits of CBD through the dermis of the skin.
Made from 100% Organic, Raw, Non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms in Colorado, USA
NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used.


Finally used the bath bomb and it is heaven. The lavender scent is not too strong and my skin feels like silk. Order without hesitation, you will love the bath bombs.

Nicole L.
This CBD bath bomb is literally the bomb!
I have fibromyalgia and I also like to workout/lift weights so I’m basically always in pain lol. On top of it I have a hard time sleeping at night but when I used this bath bomb it definitely eased my pain and I slept like a baby that night. Thank you Thoughtcloud!

Autum Hayes
Love this bathbomb! At first I thought that it was small, but it totally has all the bang! The CBD in it is perfect and makes for one relaxing bath! Totally in love with these!

I was expecting to be very sore after a long day of skiing. However, that night I took a bath with CBD bath bomb and woke up the next morning feeling great! Highly recommend and will be using this product more!

It is amazing how fast this stuff works once you put it on your body. I have muscle spasms in my shoulders and this almost instantly helps relieve pain. It feels warming and is a wave of relief.

I was introduced to CBD by a co-worker who thought it would help w/ my arthritis. Amazing products which i will continue to use. i now use the drops and truly they alleviate the pain.

Fay Spickett
I love these bath bombs! They make my muscles relax instantly. My only dislike is how larger they are. I prefer breaking them up into 3 sections as I have found I don’t need the entire bath bomb.

Jeannine L.
This bath bomb was great! Totally relaxing and really eased the pain and inflammation I feel in my legs and feet after being on my feet all day. I slept like a baby after my bath. I was able to get two uses out of one bomb by taking it out of the water when it was only partially dissolved. A great way to extend this special treat. Would love more lavender in the scent.

David Dyer
Thoughtcloud CBD has been part of my morning routine to decrease my anxiety and manage my stress for a few months now. I’ve tried other brands but Thoughtcloud remains the best in the field as far as taste, effectiveness, and customer service!

The bath bombs are the BOMB and by far my most favorite cbd product! I suffer from an unstable pelvis since my 2nd pregnancy which causes a lot of pain. The ThoughtCl0ud CBD bath bombs relieve that pain so I can sleep at night. They’re also great if you have a cold or really just want something to kick back and chill out with. They’re just simply AMAZING period!

By far the best bath bomb I have ever used and I have tried plenty. The smell is amazing and so comforting. This bath bomb is so calming and soothing and makes for a very peaceful nights sleep. Also amazing for joint pain! Will continue to order more!!!!