Latest CBD Bath Bombs Reviews




I do quite a bit of weight lifting as well as rock climb (4 times a week). As I get older my body is certainly taking a toll being sorer every day.

I normally soak in about 3lbs of Epsom salt to revive my muscles. There is a noticeable difference using these CBD bath bombs in conjunction. The lavender is nowhere near as overwhelming as in some other companies which make bath bombs found in malls. It’s quite relaxing.
By the morning I am noticeably less stiff as I believe more toxins have been removed from my body.

If doubtful about using this product it’s worth a try.


I absolutely love these bath bombs! They take relaxing to the next level✨ Thoughtcloud is my go to for all my CBD needs.


Incredible & effective. The smell is amazing, it fizzes during the whole bath & is just lovely. It really helps with stress & pain. I grabbed these while they were on sale & they will be a staple for me now. Thank you as always, Thoughtcloud!!

Kara M

I won this from a giveaway recently! IT IS AMAZING!! I can NOT wait to get more. (Plus the CBD oil) I have twin toddlers and definitely needed something like this after a long day. The smell of lavender is so relaxing. It really is magical.


I tried the peppermint after a stressful day.. I was in a rotten mood. Got in the bath and waited awhile before dropping it so that my body was acclimated to the nice hot water.. I am skeptical of everything and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just the hot water making me feel good. After a bit I dropped the bath bomb and within a few minutes I was so BLISSED out. My thoughts slowed down, my bad mood lifted, and I just felt so relaxed. Definitely impressed, just ordered 2 more. Hoping they never go back to full price!


This one is for momma… I felt totally relaxed after using this bathbomb!! My skin was also soft and the small it leaves on you is amazing! I’ve just ordered more for me and a friend!! Thank you for helping our family so much with your products!


I won’t lie I was skeptical even with nine 5 star reviews. These are home run, out of this world freaking amazing!! A real game changer for relaxation. I’m so pleasantly surprised by the good feeling that lingers long after a bath. And the lavender scent is heavenly. It’s smaller than I expected, but not a complaint just an observation. I will continue to order these until the end of time.


These bath bombs are the bomb! At 31, you’d think self care would be second nature, but truth is, it wasn’t for me. Taking baths gives me the time to mellow out and focus on giving myself some time for me. As a new mommy, this is a HUGE deal. The benefits of even 20 minutes in the tube with one of these goes beyond any explanation. Best Mother’s Day gift! Thank you Leo and thoughcloud for creating a legal and safe product that enables relaxation and a much needed time out!


that was the best bath I have EVER taken! I was soooo relaxed and it smelled really great. I slept so well that night! Also it came in a really cute burlap bag, was a nice touch. Will definitely purchase again.